Abstract Surrealism: Artists Statement

For NAP, abstract surrealism can delve into the subject’s subconscious mind: a purposeful experiment that produces the visual displays that are seen in NAP’s work. Abstract Surrealism allows NAP to convey a subconscious mind which in turn allows the viewer to convey their own subconscious mind through the media used. NAP has practiced ambidexterity and free-thought painting and drawing following in the footsteps of NAP’s heroes of the abstract surrealist movement of the 1920s.

Abstract surrealism to NAP is a concept that can be produced in many forms of media and interpreted performance. NAP has produced many abstract surrealist pieces on canvas, paper, and wood in oils, acrylic, pencil, watercolour, pastels, and ink. NAP also produces collages. Whilst NAP’s abstract surrealist work can be traced back to 2010, NAP did not fully conceptualise NAP’s own form of abstract surrealism in its fullest until 2011. Conceptualising abstract surrealism in 2011 as a form of artwork that needed full engagement that not only took producing artwork but being the artwork in the form performance art. With this, NAP started performance artwork in 2011 where NAP started performing as an ‘artist’. This to NAP was taking the meaning and profession of being an artist and abstracting it in a surreal way. To do this NAP hired a studio at Backlit Studios in Nottingham and started to discover what it was like to be an ‘artist’. In this ethnographic show of ‘being an artist’ NAP found that performing as an ‘artist’ in a rundown area of Nottingham was a difficult task; the cold of the studio, the alcoholism and drug use that NAP saw and experienced during the time there, and the effect of being an artists in poverty was very draining. The pretence of ‘being an artist’ and the hierarchy and cliques found to decide what makes a good artist was all challenging to NAP: constantly in character and performing throughout the day and into the night; NAP took on an artist’s persona of performing spoken word and developing and producing art pieces with NAP’s own abstract thinking and surreal performances starting to have its own effects on NAP’s mental health, which eventually deteriorated and lead to NAP being admitted to hospital. Whilst in hospital (2011 to mid-2012) NAP continued to produce artwork. Coming out of hospital and to 2018 NAP has continued to produce artwork but not on display or in the public eye. The development of this website in 2018 is a tiny step into the art world and show of talent by NAP.